Covid-19 UPDATE

.Dear Church Family,


With Covid-19 now invading Surry County and the expected state restrictions getting tighter and the request that as many people as can to please work from home, I have made the executive decision to shut down our church building beginning tomorrow.  No staff will be at the church, but that does not mean we are not here for you.  Please feel free to call, if you need help with anything, if you need groceries delivered or medications.  We are still in the game for you all.  Your donations may still be mailed in, Janice will continue to check the PO box, you may reach her at 336-366-0387 or by email at  You can go on-line to and find a means to donate on line and it will come to our church. 


These are difficult times such as we have never experienced and we are all still feeling our way through all this.  Let’s continue to be in prayer for one another, let us be in prayer for our community and the world and all those effected by illness, economic strife, and so much more.


Our staff can still be available by phone they are while working at home.  Our prayers remain with you and I so long to worship and fellowship with you again face to face.   May God bless each one of you.


In Christ,

Pastor Mike

Home phone 336-530-4213

Cell phone 828-226-3177

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